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Say the word “hobby” and most people have visions of their passion. But the fact is, hobbies aren’t just for people who have nothing but time on their hands.

This is Zeb Store who our mission is to help finding a new favorite activity for you and find your passion

With all the various products that support your hobby needs. We have become a hobby center constantly striving to push boundaries in new product development.

No matter what hobby you choose, you’ll see some or all of these benefits. Whether you decide to take up an air rifle, hear music, leave time for cycling, or join a hunting club, making time for yourself is bound to improve your performance in the classroom and at work. So, find something new you’d like to learn or pick up an old hobby you used to enjoy. Just make some time for yourself.

With Hobby, you can expand your social circle. (same interest and reveal new knowledge) You may meet new people as you learn a new hobby through a class or team. Hobbies can relieve stress. Whether your hobby is an exhilarating physical activity or a calm, quiet effort, these pastimes can lower your blood pressure, increase your ability to focus, and in some cases, even produce the same physical results as meditation, (and even many benefits behind that )

And you will only find the most complete hobby retail department only at Zeb store “Discover the source from here”

HISTORY, also known as ”’Zeb store”’, is an online Hobbies Retail Departement. The company sells Musical Instruments, Sports, Automotive Parts and Photography Parts and was founded in 2012.

In February 2012, Luqman Kusumahdilaga (Founder), Muhammad Hadi (co-founder), and Fauzi Kusumadilaga (co-founder) founded Zebstore. The idea was taken from the background of Luqman Kusumahdilaga who has a musical soul and a high passion for musical instruments. Starting from his desire to make his own custom guitar but with high specifications, he tried to produce a guitar according to his tastes and specifications and posted it on e-commerce which got high enthusiasm from the audience. By selling music accessories and spare parts as well as Hardwood Imports, it produces satisfying results and many enthusiasts are interested in the services and products it offers. 2 years after that the name Zeb Store was born and started going public as an e-commerce and over time in 2016 Zeb store expanded its market segment to the sports sector and then 2016 until now growing to provide products related to automotive and photography. With carrying out the mission “Discover The Source From Here” so that currently its business base is oriented towards hobby equipment & accessories. Includes Musical Instruments, Sports, Automotive Parts and Photography Parts.

At the time, the company had a holding Company namely PT BERKE TIMUR SANJAYA and had a small store in Bandung, Indonesia. Its headquarters and store to a warehouse specifically Antariksa Street No.12 Bandung 40175, Indonesia.